Terms and Conditions

Discovering Northumberland Wildlife at Night

Customer - the person who books and pays for the tour

Partaker - a person who has been booked on the tour by the customer

Night Treks Ltd - the company who organises the tour

NT - abbreviation of Night Treks Ltd


1. Bookings

  • Regardless of how far your tour booking is, full payment must be upfront.

2. Dates and Times

  • The times of tours will differentiate throughout the year according to sunset times. Tours will commence approximately one hour after sunset.

3. Cancellations

  • Cancellations must be processed through email with the email address the customer registered for the booking
  • Cancellations prior to 30 days of the tour will be offered a full refund or the option of another date
  • Cancellations from 30 days to 7 days of the tour will be offered a 50% refund or the option of another date
  • Cancellations within 7 days of the tour will be offered no refund but will be giving the option of another date
  • In the event of Night Treks Ltd cancelling a tour a full refund will be giving or another date offered
  • The same rules apply to group cancellations

4. Weather

  • Tour guide can cancel the tour down to weather issues or if they feel it is unsafe to take the tour. NT will be in touch with you once a decision has been made as soon as possible
  • If a tour is cancelled down to weather issues, the customer will be offered a full refund or another date to have the tour

5. Clothing

  • You will need to wear appropriate clothing for the whole tour and walking boots are compulsory. The customer is fully responsible for telling the partakers of the appropriate clothing that is needed. If the customer or a partaker does not wear the appropriate clothing they will not take part in the tour and will not be offered a refund or another date

6. Wildlife

  • NT cannot 100% guarantee that you will see the specified wildlife of your choice
  • NT can almost guarantee that you will at least see some general wildlife while out on tour

7. Medical Conditions

  • NT will not be held accountable for any customer or partaker that becomes ill while out on a tour due to a disclosed or undisclosed medical condition at the booking stage
  • If any of the customers or partakers have any medical conditions these need to told to NT when booking (on the booking page in the Order Notes section)
  • If any of the customers or partakers do have a medical condition please take the relevant action to make sure you can enjoy the tour without any hiccups (For example, if any of the partakers are diabetic if they happen to have a hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) please bring a sugary drink such as Lucozade or dextrose tablets)


  • All customers and any partakers that come on a NT tour do so at their own risk when out on foot. NT does not accept any responsibility for the state of the ground which will be travelled across when out on the tour. When booking the tour all customers and partakers have deemed themselves fit and physically capable of carrying out the full tour and that any medical condition will not cause them harm on the tour.
  • All of the walks carried out by NT will be only done on routes that have been risk assessed


  • Force Majeure, NT does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage in which it does not have control in such as any act of God.
  • Customers may being their own thermal imaging equipment to use on tour but do so at their own risk. NT are not responsible for any loss or damage to their equipment
  • No recording equipment or recording devices are allowed on the tour
  • Failure to comply with these rules NT has the right to stop the tour immediately and no refund will be offered and no other date for a tour will be offered


  • Customers will receive an email a day before their tour with NT. On the email they will receive a time and a post code for where the meet up is and that is the starting point of the tour. For any reason that there is a delay please notify NT immediately, however there is maximum amount of time for the delay of 15 minutes. If 15 minutes pass and any customers or partakers that haven't arrived will not be able to go on the tour and will not be offered a refund or another date.

11. Governing Law

  • The law of England and Wales governs this contract.


  • No children below the age of 16
  • All under 18 year old must be accompanied by a legal guardian
  • Photographic ID is required by all customers and partakers before the commencement of the tour. Failure to do so will result in removal from the tour
  • NT does not accept any responsibility for any theft or damage to customers or partakers vehicles while on the tour
  • Alcohol and Drugs are strictly prohibited while on a NT tour. If NT believes any of the customers or partakers are under the influence they will be rejected from the tour and no refund or another date will be offered