Discovering Northumberland Wildlife at Night

Night Treks Wildlife at Night

Here at Night Treks Wildlife at Night, we provide a unique and exciting experience for you. We show you the wonderful wildlife of Northumberland at night.

Night Treks Wildlife at Night Groups

We take small exclusive groups of friends or colleagues or people with an interest in Wildlife. Off we go in the dead of night . We are fully equipped with night vision scopes. This enables you to see the amazing wildlife of Northumberland in their natural habitat.

Below is an amateur video showing some samples of the footage. This will give you a taste of the kinds of things you may run into out there.

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Northumberland Night Treks - Walking In Warkworth

Night Treks - Wildlife at Night, Warkworth Castle

Built in a loop of The River Coquet, a mile upstream from its estuary at Amble, is Warkworth. This stunning place is known for its well preserved castle. Warkworth also has a village steeped in history and bloodshed. With its river walks it`s perfect for a night trek.

We start this walk by a medieval footbridge and head along the river to give you a chance to get used to using our Thermal Imaging scopes. And to give you the best opportunity to see the nocturnal wildlife in the area.

This stretch of river is frequented by Grey Seals swimming upstream looking for a meal.

Our group then take in the breathtaking stunning view of Warkworth Castle.  Next we head west and cross farmland . It's here where your guides have spotted Badgers foraging and once again we find a track that lead us down to the river.

The famous Warkworth hermitage sits on the far bank - unfortunately only accessible by boat, but you never know we may catch a glimpse of the ghost of Sir Bertram of Bothal who is said to haunt the small cave.

The walk back is along the base of a wooded valley here we`ll sit quietly listening to the Coquet as it slowly meanders past and keep a look out for Otter, Tawny Owl, Fox and any other woodland creatures who venture out.

This is the final part of the walk but a drink in one of the welcoming local taverns is waiting for anyone who wishes!